Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Datactory.com v2.0 -- DATASN.io

Datactory.com has come around for quite some time now but it's got only our legacy data collections from The Data Planet and Usable Databases which are served from a single server.

The problem with this one server data platform is that it's hard to scale with our growing magnitude and amount of data sets. Therefore we committed ourselves in developing the next version of the data platform, and now we are proud to announce the centrally distributed data source network DATASN.

DATASN is short for Data Social Network / Data Source Network / Data Skynet. It's a human powered intelligent network to continuously harvest and collect all data from the Internet in a highly atomic and schematic manner that makes reusing and redeploying data in any way possible.

Data becomes format-neutral thus can be re-implemented faster than ever. One row / object of data is immediately ported to formats like JSON, HTML, Excel, CSV, PDF, etc. that are usable by numerous interfaces and systems hassle free, be it Office, ERP, SAP, any programming language like Python or plain human consumption.

See this data set for example: https://datasn.io/p/84

You can see the size of the entire data set and the number of rows, columns, etc. This data set has also got a very rich images package for all the data records.

You can see some samples of this data set by accessing the API. To query for specific data rows in this data set, you need to log in and use the Online Query interface.

In the commits section / tab, you will also see a list of updates of this data set so you know it's being constantly incremented and updated.

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