Monday, August 24, 2015

Why we use Blogspot?

I figure it's about what to outsource and not do it yourself and reinvent the wheel. Especially when Google does a fantastic job in giving a unique landscape of the blog software. It's just good business to use for our blog.

Wordpress is fine but it's way too powerful for most endeavors. It can be easy just like blogspot but it's really annoy sometimes to host your own site and worry about your own infrastructure. You got update from time to time and one time or another something breaks after the upgrade.

Anothing thing not appreciated by me about Wordpress is that it's too versatile and too advanced. It has so many features and you can easily make it another way, either by yourself or with a theme or a plugin. However most of them are bells and whistles and it costs time to make choices. Choices that don't matter that much. It may be a good thing to some people but to me, it's just distractions and unnecessarily abundant options.

But blogspot on the other hand does a good job coming up with a sophisticated blog system yet so simple an interface. A blog is a blog and it doesn't need that much to work or look at. People don't need that many features to get going at all. Blogspot simply keeps you on your own track of getting things done.

It may not be as polymorphic as wordpress but it's got just enough for a perfect blog. That's the beauty of it. Just enough of things put together for your writing, nothing more nor less. Wordpress on the other hand, has become an CMS rather than a blog, which obviously requires more technical knowledge and effort to maintain.

The final thing about blogspot is that Google manages the infrastructure so you have one less thing to worry about which is a tremendous bless if you ever had the experiences and frustrations of running your own website. It's chores that keep distracting you from your core business.

So there you go. Less is more. We choose Blogspot.

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